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Robert Dittrich, President
Bob Dittrich has been in various businesses for over 50 years. His primary business connections were the trucking industry which started in his teen years. Since then he has diversified into the manufacturing business with Dittrich Specialties as well as the sole owner of several banks in Minnesota. Bob is very industry-minded and will work with any problem with the goal of solving it.

Brice Andree, General Manager
Brice Andree has worked for Dittrich Specialties since it's 1982 start-up. Before this, he had worked for a factory much like Dittrich Specialties has been tailored after. At Dittrich Specialties, he began as a production employee but then worked his way up through the ranks until successfully training for and assuming the manager position in 1991. Brice is responsible for all company operations including general production needs as well as quoting projects for the company.
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