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Production Capabilities

Our only operation capacity limitations are those of which we have not been challenged with. We are truly open to anything.
Outsourced Labor

Dittrich Specialties has a unique situation with a labor ready force right next door. MRCI, a facility that employs mentally and physically challenged clients, has been a unique and added advantage to our capacity needs. MRCI has been a great asset in helping Dittrich Specialties meet our production needs. Their needs are met as well since their mission is to mainstream their clients into a normal working environment such as ours. On any given day we out-source work to MRCI both in their plant as well as having their clients work in our plant. Dittrich Specialties supplies all needed production support and guarantees that quality needs are met. We are very proud to support such an effort to mainstream these valuable clients and are happy that this support is given to us.

Computer Systems

Dittrich Specialties computer systems are configured for internet access. Our computer systems are EDI capable for invoicing and billing. We are willing to do manual billing as well. Dittrich Specialties utilizes an in-house MRP system that can be tailored to meet your needs.
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